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Type: cannonau di Sardegna doc

Production area: Rigàtteri Vineyards, Alghero (SS).
Grapes: 100% Cannonau.
Soil: typical of Riviera del Corallo, alluvial clay soil
Yield per hectare: 60 qt.
Serving temperature:18 C°.
Bottle: 75 cl – 150 cl.

The color of this wine is intense ruby red and brilliant, with purples nuances. Its bouquet is intense with wide and continuous hints of red fruit. Characterized by a full body, firm, hot and lush, well structured with traces of flowering vine. The mouth-feel is full, important, without edges. It’s produced from an original clone of Cannonau, picked from ancient vines in the area of Alghero. The must is left to sit for about 10 to 12 days with the skin, its character is completed by a refinement of about 10 months in stainless steel tanks, this then continues in the bottle. Immediate and pleasant to drink, its bite improves progressively with the aging. It pairs well with ragù first courses, roasts, old cheese and spiced dishes. Best served at a temperature of 18° and uncorked 20 minutes before pouring.


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