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The History

Since 1930

From a long tradition of vine cultivation initiated by our great-grandfather Angelo

Rigàtteri Winery

From a long tradition of vine cultivation initiated by our great-grandfather Angelo, when following migratory odysseys he arrived in Sardinia in the early thirties. Continued by our grandfather Marino and our father Ermes, it is in us, the Pozzati brothers, to found the "Cantina Rigàtteri" to maximize the culture, experience, and secrets of our family by completing the cycle of viticultural activity with winemaking. The vineyards are located near agricultural land indicated on the cadastral maps with the name "Reigatile."

The History

Nearby, close to a Nuraghe, there was a well that our great-grandfather Angelo and great-grandmother Ardelia used for their water supply and for their livestock. In trying to pronounce the Sardinian words correctly, for the grandparents, the "Italian" translation of the word "Reigatile" soon became "Rigàtteri". Our father was often sent to fetch water or to bring the cows to drink at the "Rigàtteri" well, and he only discovered the correct definition when he was already grown up. However, in his memory and in his heart, the memory of the Rigàtteri well remained.

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4 Good Reasons to Visit Us at the Winery


Authentic experience in the world of wine

The Rigatteri Winery offers an authentic immersion into wine culture.


Wines of Exceptional Quality and Uniqueness:

La cantina è rinomata per la sua eccellente selezione di vini, con varietà che spaziano dai classici locali a creazioni innovative.


Breathtaking Views

In addition to the quality of its wines, the Rigatteri Winery is located in an area of extraordinary natural beauty.


Welcome and Professionalism:

The Rigatteri Winery is known for its warm and professional hospitality.

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